Rapid Flow Technologies

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Rapid Flow Technologies is an early stage infrastructure startup working on modernizing traffic systems.  Their flagship product is a smart traffic lighting system called Surtrac.  Current modern day traffic light systems are hard programmed around average traffic flow, but are not adaptive, making them extremely inefficient during most of the day.  Surtrac use AI and cameras that continuously study traffic patterns so they can adjust lighting systems on the fly.  For example, if cameras see a backlog of cars at one point of intersection it would automatically make the green light last longer to clear the backlog.  If no car was in the left turn lane, the system could skip the left turn arrow for that cycle.  The system also communicates its data to nearby traffic lights to help them anticipate when they will receive traffic.

The team was started out of Carnegie Mellon University and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

Why I like Them

I like that they are an AI company building something that quickly adds tangible value and efficiency visible from day one.  Rapid Flow Technology's systems reduce travel time by 25%, reduce wait time at intersections by 40%, decrease stopping by 30%, and reduce overall vehicle emissions by 20%.  Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and smart infrastructure is a high growth area over the next 2 decades driven by the adoption of autonomous vehicles.  Products like Rapid Flow's are the beginnings of a modern traffic management and vehicular system which will make transportation much more efficient than it is currently.

Disclosure:  All information is from publicly available sources, I have not had any contact with a member of the company or its investors.