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Trucker Path is a software company building out a suite of offerings for the trucking industry.  It offers three product lines targeting long haul truckers.  Its initial product was a navigational and trip planning app called Trucker Path.  More recently it added a freight hauling marketplace platform called Truckloads, and InstaPay which is a factoring service.  The company monetizes via a premium version of the app along with its factoring services offered via its Truckloads platform.

The company is based in Mountain View, California and has ~60 employees.  Its founder is Ivan Tsybaev, a serial entrepreneur.

Why I like Them

Although I don't usually like app companies, Trucker Path caught my attention because what started as a basic navigation app for truckers has been able to transform itself into a full platform and freight logistics marketplace for goods shipped via truck. Trucking is a slow moving, fragmented industry and the team was clever to get their app and brand known by first offering targeted navigation features to the professional long haul trucker customer.  By all reports truckers are delighted by the app with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars and 35,000 user reviews.  Trucker Path leveraged this satisfied user base to solve the chicken and egg problem in building a freight marketplace. 

This smart progression in product offerings has rewarded the team with extremely strong traction as they have 600,000 truckers using the navigation app.  Their freight marketplace Truckloads, has over 100,000 carriers searching through over 3 million monthly loads posted by 800+ freight companies.  The biggest opportunity lies with their freight marketplace and factoring business since trucking in the US alone is a $700B+ industry.  There is an open field here to automate the currently inefficient trucking marketplace as can be seen by the recent news that competitor Convoy has recently raised a large sum of money.

Technology like Trucker Path's offering serves as an intermediary step between human based trucking and fully autonomous self driving trucks.  Most importantly they have data that is invaluable to an autonomous trucking fleet operator.  As their head of marketing, Sam Bokher, describes it - "We have the most comprehensive data on trucking-related points of interest, truck parking data – this data have been crowdsourced from our users, so no one else in the industry has such information. In addition to that we have information about where the freight is going and what the current rates are."  It is easy to see how their products could plug right into the technology stack of companies building fully autonomous trucks (Uber, Tesla, etc.).

I also had a chance to ask the team about their thoughts on fully autonomous trucking.  They don't see it being real for at least another 10 years and see the regulatory framework as not even close to where it would need to be to support fully autonomous trucking networks.

Trucker Path has strong prospects with the growth opportunity of their trucking freight marketplace business along with the value of their proprietary mapping and trucking related data trove.

Disclosure:  I have spoken to members of the executive team.


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