What I Find Interesting in Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trend Reports

Annually (and sometimes twice in a year) Mary Meeker of KPCB releases a data packed look at the state of technology, the Internet, various industries, and the Macro picture.  This year it weighs in at a hefty 355 slides which you can see here.  There are already several excellent summaries of the deck with the quick summary  and a longer version.

Some points that drew my attention:

  • We are finally at the tipping point where global Internet ad spend surpasses TV ad spend.  I'm surprised that it took us so long to get there.
  • The war between online advertisers and ad blocking is just beginning with most developed countries ad blockers being used by less than 20% of the population and less than 5% of mobile users.  Many more battles will be fought here in the coming years.
  • Voice is finally starting to noticeably catch on as a user interface both in mobile and at home consumer electronics (i.e. Amazon echo and competitors).  It is likely that the GUI will be to Generation Z what the command line was to the Millennials - a relic of a past age. 
  • The fast rise of eSports which is a trend I've had my eye on for several years now.  In the not to distance future it is not to hard to see the eSports becoming as mainstream as traditional athletics.  Far more to come on this from me.
  • The continued ascension of Netflix toward dominance in the media industry over the traditional old guard.  I would not be surprised if there is an acquisition attempt or several of Netflix in the next few years and would wager there has already been a few that were rebuffed quietly.
  • An exponentially Increasing threat of cybercrime - black hat hackers are the modern day equivalent of the high sea pirates of the 17th century.
  • The first few slides of her USA Inc. section really help spell out the current state of the United States government financial situation.